About Us

Today’s document processing solutions fail to deliver a fundamental promise: minimizing time spent on manual work. New layouts break your data capture, slow validation efforts, and waste hours sending emails back and forth about exceptions

MyiQ.Ai solves these challenges by revamping your legacy invoice process with automated invoice capture, approvals, payments, and reconciliation in a single end-to-end invoice platform to boost efficiency and standardization.


What do we do?

Invoice processing automation involves extracting invoice data entering a system, and seamlessly inputting that data into your ERP or accounts payable system, allowing payments in a few minutes. All these “touches” (and others) can be performed and completed more expediently and efficiently using our invoice automation solution.

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Our Invoice Automation is an AI-powered data capture solution that can process nearly any invoice format in a reliable way for each supplier. Invoice Automation software is one of the key areas when considering automation in the accounts payable process. The intent is to digitize and lessen the number of “touches” mandated to process a vendor invoice.


At MyiQ.Ai, we embrace human-machine collaboration as
the present and future workforce.

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