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Mick’s Eureka Moment in Solving Supplier Invoice Automation

Shrikrishna.M Subadhra
17 October 2023
In today's dynamic business landscape, efficiency and accuracy are paramount when it comes to managing financial processes.

Whether you are a small business looking to enhance efficiency or a large enterprise seeking to scale your financial operations, understanding the key potential of supplier Invoice Automation Platform is your first step towards greater productivity, cost savings, and financial stability.

Nowadays, the importance of the Accounts Payable process has rapidly increased. According to the State of the AP Report 2022, AP automation rates increased by 61% between 2021 and 2022. Almost 52% of companies have automated their accounts payable processes.

Embracing AP automation can be a game changer for all sizes of organizations. In this blog, we delve into Mick's experiences as a diligent finance manager who manages a team of five AP staff. We are shedding light on the common challenges he faced and how he overcame them to become a successful captain of the AP transformation.

The Introduction: Setting Sail

Like most other transformation journeys, Mick's journey started with the realization that change was imperative. His company was being pushed down in the digital age by traditional, manual, paper-based procedures.

He faced challenges like lack of visibility, invoice and payment frauds, duplicate or lost invoice disputes due to unclear invoices, missed payment deadlines, delays in approval, etc. Then he realized that it was time to set their AP process to be more productive and effective.

The Problematic Tasks: Handling the Storms

On this journey, Mick encountered perplexing challenges. One of the main challenges he faced was overwhelming the vast number of invoices flooding the department. Invoices, receipts, and purchase orders seemed to multiply like bunnies in the spring! For Mick, it was like trying to save a ship from drowning. It was tough for him to deal with these challenges, from a trickle to a torrent.

But Mick took a bold step by adopting digitalization rather than drowning in the sea of paper. Then he understood that to overcome his challenge, he needed an effective system like Supplier Invoice Process Automation solution for managing invoices that could effortlessly handle the ebb and flow of the invoices. He clearly understood that it was not just about processing the invoices. It was also about doing them efficiently and accurately.

Also, he learned about invoice fraud, which he recently discovered.

He understood that fraudulent invoices can lead to significant financial losses. He thought he was aware of it and realized how Supplier Invoice Processing software could help him prevent invoice fraud and protect his company.

He also wants you to be aware of invoice fraud, so he shares the best way to protect your business from the artful strategies used in invoice fraud.
  1. 1. You can properly secure your email channels.
  2. 2. Efficiently manage the workload for the AP team.
  3. 3. Achieve 3-way matching and appropriate approval workflows to prevent delays.
  4. 4. Utilize our Ai Engine to find duplicate invoices.
  5. 5. Case management made easy
  6. 6. Use a proper mechanism to determine payment due dates to manage cash flow effectively.

Embracing Invoice Automation:

Mick looked for the right solution for efficient AP processing. He thought to invest in automation as a compass to guide his team through the chaotic process of invoice processing. Invoice automation allowed his AP department to automate their invoices, data extraction, and data validation with astounding accuracy.

He wants to share with you what he found and how it helped automate the invoice processing.
  1. 1. It helped him to get real-time insights.
  2. 2. It enabled him to do strategic planning.
  3. 3. It helped with its compliance and astounding accuracy.
  4. 4. It allowed him to get a remarkable cost reduction.

Moreover, he believes that vigorous Supplier Invoice Automation Solution like MyiQ.Ai can prevent invoice fraud.

Also, he was curious to see how much money his company would save every year if they invested in outstanding invoicing process automation. After thorough research, he learned about the MyiQ.Ai ROI calculator and how it can benefit his company. After a clear understanding, he started using it to fully comprehend the benefits in terms of annual cost savings so that he could make better decisions based on accurate data and analytics rather than just his gut feelings.

Mick has started his free trial journey with MyiQ.Ai invoice process automation and is exploring its ultimate features, which include futuristic three-way matching, workflow automation, and effective case management. With the implementation of MyiQ.Ai, he has achieved impressive results, such as 11x productivity and 60% cost savings.

After experiencing other competitive products, he was very impressed with the results of MyiQ.Ai to get the exceptional benefits, including:
  1. 1. Case management to manage and accelerate the resolution of critical invoice problems.
  2. 2. Workflow automation to streamline the entire workflow for efficiency.
  3. 3. Time and cost savings with 11x productivity and 60% cost savings.


Finally, you can clearly understand how Mick’s accounts payable transformation journey helped his company through digitalization, streamlined approval workflows, supplier relationship management, compliance measures, data analytics, and a commitment to continuous improvement.

Invoice process automation has given Mick a greater sense of confidence, and he understood that a customised demo with MyiQ.Ai can help him tailor it to meet his unique business needs.

Mick also invites you to join him on this breathtaking AP automation journey so that you reap the dividends of invoice process automation for your organization.

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