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Efficient Exception Management with Case Management

Case management in the context of invoice automation refers to handling exceptions or complex scenarios that cannot be fully automated within the invoice processing system. While invoice automation streamlines most invoice processing tasks, there are situations where manual intervention or additional review is required. Case management provides a framework for managing these exceptional cases effectively.

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Streamline Exception Handling and Communication with Case Management

  • Our Case Management module is designed to optimize exception management and streamline communication in the invoice processing workflow. With this powerful solution, users can integrate their email inbox, enabling the automatic triggering of pre-defined email templates to vendors and peers within the organization.
  • This facilitates quick resolution of queries, questions, and observations, ensuring clarity for processing invoices into the accounting software. All communication involved in invoice processing is logged within the application, providing a comprehensive audit trail for future reference.

Automated Actions and Intelligent Tracking for Seamless Processing

  • Our ML engine tracks email responses from suppliers and peers, automatically taking necessary actions based on the content. This intelligent tracking ensures tasks are moved through subsequent stages of invoice processing while users are promptly notified of any updates.
  • With our solution, you can achieve seamless invoice processing and avoid delays or bottlenecks in the workflow.

Configurable Priorities, Escalation Workflows, and Routing Mechanisms

  • Our Case Management module empowers users with configurable priorities, escalation workflows, and routing mechanisms. This enables organizations to prioritize and expedite the resolution of critical cases.
  • With the ability to define customized escalation workflows, you can ensure that cases are automatically escalated to the appropriate individuals or teams when necessary. This results in shortened processing timelines and improved efficiency in handling exceptions.

Enhance Exception Management with Case Management

  • Experience the power of our Case Management module in optimizing exception handling and streamlining communication within your invoice processing workflow. With seamless email integration, pre-defined templates, and intelligent tracking, you can resolve queries and observations with clarity and efficiency.
  • Benefit from configurable priorities, escalation workflows, and routing mechanisms to expedite case resolution. Simplify your exception management and unlock the true potential of a seamless invoice processing experience.

Drive Team Collaboration and Comprehensive Visibility


Accuracy & Compliance

With improved Accuracy and Compliance case management, manual intervention and resolution of exceptions can be guided by predefined rules and guidelines.



Users can leave comments, share attachments, and engage in discussions within the case, promoting effective teamwork and knowledge sharing.


Complete Visibility

Allowing Users to monitor and track the resolution process, identify bottlenecks or recurring issues, and analyze data to gain insights for process optimization and continuous improvement.

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