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Streamline and Centralise Invoice Management with Organization Management

Simplify and streamline your organization management with ease. Efficiently handle employee data, hierarchies, and structures to ensure smooth operations. Gain full visibility and control over your organization's structure and optimize resource allocation.

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Effortlessly Manage Multiple Organizations and Users with Access Management

MyiQ.Ai invoice automation solution empowers businesses to streamline and centralize their invoice management process with our powerful Organization Management module. With the ability to create multiple organizations within our system, customers can efficiently manage their invoicing workflows for different entities or departments. Our robust access management functionality enables users to assign specific roles and permissions to individuals, ensuring secure and controlled access to invoice information.

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Efficient Invoice Source and Target Management for Seamless Integration

Managing invoice sources and targets is made effortless with our Organization Management module. Users can integrate email sources, such as their supplier's invoice inbox, enabling our solution to automatically pull invoice PDFs for processing. Alternatively, invoices can be fetched from cloud storage platforms like OneDrive or Google Drive. Our solution intelligently flags invoices picked up by our cutting-edge machine-learning engine, ensuring transparency and clarity for users throughout the invoicing process.

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Seamless Integration with Leading ERPs and Custom Software

Our Supplier Invoice Automation module seamlessly integrates with popular ERPs such as SAP, Oracle, Sage, MS Dynamics, and more. We also provide a library of pre-built APIs, enabling integration with other ERPs, including proprietary customer software. This streamlined integration allows for real-time data exchange, reducing manual effort and ensuring data consistency across systems.

Benefits of Organization Management Module

  • Reduce burden on Managers
  • Helps eliminate security risks due to restriction of user privileges
  • Increased productivity and reduced costs on administrative tasks
  • Improve workload by direct integration with email and storage folders like Google and Onedrive
  • Control on the activity performed by the users
  • Prevent unintended access and ensure the security of the sensitive information

Elevating Accuracy via Intelligent Extraction

Intelligent Data Extraction and Error Correction for Enhanced Accuracy

Data extraction is a crucial aspect of invoice automation, and our Organization Management module excels in providing precise control. Users can define which fields are mandatory for extraction, ensuring consistent and accurate invoice data capture. Furthermore, our solution incorporates logic that allows users to rectify mistakes caused by suppliers sending invoices to incorrect email addresses. Move invoices seamlessly from one organization to another, eliminating any disruptions in the invoicing process.

Secure Cloud Data Center for Confidential Information Storage

Ensuring the security and confidentiality of your organization's data is our top priority. Our Organization Management module gives you complete control over where your invoice data, user data, and other sensitive information are stored. You can choose the cloud data centre that best aligns with your security requirements and compliance regulations. Rest assured that your data is protected with state-of-the-art security measures and robust data encryption protocols.

Customizable Roles and Permissions for Enhanced Control and Flexibility

We understand that every organization has unique requirements for invoice management. That's why our Organization Management module provides built-in roles with predefined permissions, allowing users to create, edit, delete, or view invoice information based on their specific roles. Additionally, our solution offers the flexibility to create custom roles tailored to your organization's needs, granting granular control over invoice-related actions.

Experience the Power of Organization Management in Streamlining and Centralising Invoice Management

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